Since we are less than a week away from Season 16, it's time for us on this blog to help you get ready for season 16. First off, I'm going to once again plug our forum: This forum is one of the best places to talk about the new season. Just click the register button at the top and create an account and join right in the Arthur fun.

Another site I also want to plug is Arthur Wiki. During the season 16 airdates, we will be tirelessly adding new information on that site about the new season, and you can also read info on existing seasons. Feel free to join the chat to further discuss the season.

In other, more substantial news, a new season 16 promo came out recently:
Now there is a lot to talk about in these promos, which we will be detailing in the coming days, along with another new article or two that we hope to be an extremely fun and interesting read.

Happy Season 16!

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10/13/2012 02:18:27 pm

Wow, now I can't wait to see this even more! Thanks for sharing this. Very much looking forward to the new D.W. content, and some of these new characters look quite interesting as well.

10/14/2012 01:37:37 am

Very glad you enjoyed the promo and are excited for the season. I also am extremely excited, and cannot wait for tomorrow. Ladonna and Bud do seem like they will be great additions. :)


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