As most readers probably know, Season 16 of Arthur will be coming out on October 15. However, there is something extremely unique that we are noticing early on in the previews and summaries of this season, and it is that the Tough Customers could be put back into the larger role they once had.
The immediate thing to notice here is the fact that two Tough Customers are set to appear that haven't appeared in ages, Kieper and the unnamed brown dog. It is really nice to see these characters, as they seem to have been forgotten over time. An interesting thought to bring up is this: might the unnamed brown dog get a name this season? It could be possible. But only time will tell.

Also note the absence of Slink in this scene. Slink has become a Tough Customers staple since around season six, so it's weird to find him not with the gang. However we do have evidence of a possible Slink appearance. On his Facebook page, Bruce Dinsmore (who voices Binky), noted that he recorded a song with Michael Yarmush, who is the original performer of Arthur. Yarmush still voices Slink, so it would make sense that the two might perform some sort of song together, being that they are both Tough Customers.

Now this isn't a lot of proof that the Tough Customers are going to have a major role this season until we look further. One of the future episodes that will be airing later on (after October) is called "The Last Tough Customer." No summary has been released of this episode, but it is obviously involving the Tough Customers. At this point we can only speculate as to the plotline in this episode, but there could even be a slight chance that it involves the reuniting of the entire group, or even a new Tough Customer.

The fact that they actually brought back two original members implies that this might be a big year for the bully group. Only time will tell, but the song, the episode title, and the character bringing back says that they will.

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