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Dr. Frederique Fugue

First Appearance: "Arthur Plays the Blues"

Most Recent Appearance: "Arthur Unravels"

Occupation: Arthur's piano teacher, substitute chorus teacher, proclaimed knitter

Dr. Frederique Fugue is a very musically talented dog that appears on the Arthur series. He has a wide variety of musical capabilities, including playing and teaching piano, singing, and teaching chorus, along with the added bonus of being pitch perfect. His ear for music is top-notch, to the point where he will not accept any out of tune pitches.

Dr. Fugue pushes each and every one of his students to their utmost capability, and often to even more than that. He "fires" his piano students on a regular basis, by giving up teaching them because they are hopeless.

Past Life
Though we don't know much about Dr. Fugue's early life, it can be assumed that he was, at some level, a young music prodigy. He participated in a chorus when he was young, one that ended up performing at Carnegie Hall.It can also be assumed, based on his remarks, that he attended Yale University, obviously studying music while there.

Fugue does, however, have some "bad" record, so to speak, considering the fact that he admits that he used to lip-synch while in college. This does really help to show some inspiration for Fugue's strictness, that the reason he is so strict may be because he was not much of a rule-follower during his school career.

Dr. Fugue doesn't seem to have any relatives appearing on the show. He is a single man who seems to live a somewhat solemn life.

On the contrary, Fugue does seem to have some partiality to animals. He has multiple pets, including Fur Elise, his cat named after the song by Ludwig Van Beethoven, and also Tosca, his parrot, also musically named.

What does Dr. Fugue bring to the table?
The final question to be asked is what exactly Dr. Fugue brings to the Arthur world. Why do we like (or hate) him? For one, Fugue brings a very strict personality to Arthur, though that isn't much different than some of the other teachers on Arthur. The thing that makes Dr. Fugue stick out is that he is a music perfectionist. He is the character that combines that musical capability with that strictness, something that is always fun to watch.
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